2023 Elections: How Oyebanji’s Goodwill increased Ekiti APC Electoral fortunes



By Karounwi Oladapo

A cursory look at the outcome of the June 18, 2022 Gubernatorial election results shows Oyebanji APC won with 187,057 votes which is 53% of the total votes cast, leaving 47% of the votes for his opponents to share; Segun Oni SDP 82,211 (23%) and Bisi Kolawole PDP 67,457 ( 19%). The remaining 5% for the other fringe opposition Parties.

Barely 4 months in office, Governor Oyebanji’s superlative performance has earned his Party APC, a very huge goodwill, which rubbed positively on the outcome of the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections in Ekiti State. The percentage of the votes with which APC won the Presidential Election is a record breaking in the electoral history of Ekiti State.

Tinubu APC scored 201,494 votes (65%) to beat Atiku PDP to a distant second with 89,554 votes (29%) and Obi Labour Party to a third position with an extremely insignificant votes of 11,397 (3.6%). Other fringe Parties (2.4%). Total valid votes cast was 308, 171.

For the records, the Turn out of voters for Ekiti 2022 Gubernatorial Election was 36.5% of the Registered voters while the Turn out of voters for the 2023 presidential Election was 31% of the Registered voters.

Take note, Oyebanji has increased the electoral fortunes and winning capacity of Ekiti APC by taking the Party from a 53% winning capacity at the inception of his administration to a 65% winning capacity in 4 months.

Of special attention was the fact that APC regained some units and wards it lost in June 18, 2023, Gubernatorial election

Most importantly, the love of the people for BAO’s impactful Policies, Programmes and Projects brought the only Local Government, Efon LG, that APC lost during the Gubernatorial election of June 18, 2022, into its net on February 25, 2023 Elections. Oyebanji won all the 16 LGs in Ekiti State for APC.
He secured a real, genuine, credible, transparent, incontestable and BVAS backed 16-0 for APC in Ekiti State

Like I wrote earlier, the February 25, 2023 Elections was a vote of confidence on HE Biodun Oyebanji as a Governor. It was an affirmative Elections and an endorsement of his leadership by the Ekiti people.

Were his performance in office adjudged to be below expectations and unsalutary, Ekiti people would have spoken with their votes by rejecting APC Candidates, President and legislators, at the Poll. APC would have scored less than 53% votes that brought its Candidate into the Governor’s office. Trust Ekiti People for that. They can swing votes effortlessly!

While Congratulating HE BAO for the victory recorded in these Elections, he should be reminded that the new electoral height he won for APC is a big challenge to him. He has to do everything to consolidate on this feat in the subsequent Elections.

I rejoice with the victors; President Tinubu; Senators MOB, Adaramodu and Cyril; Members of the House of Reps, MHRs Bamisile, Ojuawo, Fatoba, Omoleye, Akinlayo and Akin Rotimi.

Big CONGRATULATIONS to all the APC members and supporters in Ekiti State. Tinubu is coming. E ku oju l’ona!

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