Italy’s ‘Most Handsome Man’ Gives Up Fame To Preach The Gospel

Italy’s ‘Most Handsome Man’ Gives Up Fame To Preach The Gospel

An Italian model recently crowned as the “most handsome man” has announced that he has decided to give up the glamor of his modeling career to pursue God’s purpose for his life: priesthood.

Edoardo Santini said in a video posted to his Instagram that he has found himself “on the path towards becoming a priest, God willin.”

“At 21 years of age, I find myself on the path toward becoming a priest, God willing,” Edoardo Santini said in a video posted to social media last week. “I’ve decided to give up modeling work, acting, and dance, but I won’t abandon my passions, I’ll just live them differently.”

Santini said he would be “offering” his passions “to God” now that he has found his life’s purpose. He entered a seminary and has begun his studies as of this week.

Dancer, swimmer, actor — these were a few of the passions and dreams of Santini, a 21-year-old Italian who in 2019 when he was 17 earned the title of the most handsome young man in his country after winning a national contest.

This award opened the doors to the world of fashion, and his future seemed clear: He was destined to become a big star. However, God’s plans were different. Santini was going to continue shining, but away from the spotlight and catwalks, Catholic News Agency reports.

Santini affirmed his choice, saying he would have no regrets because “I can shout: ‘I am Edoardo, I am 21 and I am happy’” after entering the seminary.

“Will I become a priest? I don’t know, I am here to discover,” Santini said in his video. “But I have taken the step that terrorized me, that stopped me finally being myself. I am ready to say I made a mistake.”

“Obviously, some people talk about me behind my back, some people have no problem telling me I have let them down, both inside and outside my family, but others are supporting me, believers and non-believers,” Santini said of his lifestyle change.


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