Nigeria Won’t Breakup, Joined by God’s Divine Mandate- Ekiti Deputy Gov

Nigeria Won’t Breakup, Joined by God’s Divine Mandate- Ekiti Deputy Gov

….Urges parents to support inter-ethnic marriages

The Ekiti State Deputy Governor, Chief (Mrs) Monisade Afuye, has restated that the bond of unity among Nigerians will continue to wax stronger despite the multifaceted challenges, saying the nation is joined “through divine mandate of God”.

Mrs Afuye appealed to parents not to dissuade their children from engaging in inter-ethnic marriages, urging citizens to exhibit those traits that will unite Nigeria, rather than ones that will aggravate the existing fault-lines, cleavages, acrimony and hatred.

The Ekiti’s number two citizen spoke in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State Capital, on Saturday, during the wedding ceremony between Blessing Eyakenyi and Ekiti born Olumuyiwa Adewumi.

Blessing Eyakenyi, is the daughter of the Akwa Ibom State Deputy Governor, Senator Akon Eyakenyi.

Mrs Afuye, in a statement signed by her Special Assistant on Media, Victor Ogunje, had at the ceremony attended by 10 Deputy Governors, praised the new couple for rising above the primordial sentiment of ethnic differences and became united as a family.

Justifying her claim that Nigeria will be difficult to divide, the Deputy Governor stated that the existing inter-ethnic marriages and strong political relationships among Nigerians would make the country stands inseparable.

She added that the marriage between the couple further attested to the fact that ethno-religious differential is not a barrier to the citizens’ relationships, cordiality and fraternities.

Mrs Afuye said: “I feel honoured to be here to grace this marriage ceremony between our daughter, Miss Blessing Eyakenyin and our son, Olumuyiwa Adewumi, who are now joined as a united family as Mrs and Mrs Adewumi.

“I feel elated on the premise that this marriage further attested to how united we are as Nigerians. Nothing can divide us as a people because we are a nation joined by the divine mandate of God.

“The fact that we have intermarried and shared common family values make Nigerians inseparable no matter the cultural disparity and ethno-religious differential.

“This ceremony was a loud testimony that every Nigerian can relate freely with each other wherever they live and carry out their lawful businesses”.

Advising the new couple, Mrs Afuye, urged them to prioritise God in their marriage and work in alignment with the laid down biblical direction on how marriage should be promoted, guided and operated.

“Let me emphasize here that marriage is an institution composed by God. Under this context, those coming into it must put God first and ensure that the marriage is patterned towards the laid down rules of God Almighty.
As ordered by God, the husband must love his wife, while the wife is expected to be submissive as contained in the Holy Book.

“For you to make a success of this union, stick strictly to the foregoing Biblical injunction and respect fanatically the vow you have made today that this marriage shall be for better and for worse. I pray that God shall see you through.

“I rejoice with you on this occasion and wish you success as you begin today another journey of your lives with this nuptial union that will ultimately determine your future.

” May the good Lord give you the enablement to make a success of this journey”, Mrs Afuye prayed.

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