Oyebanji presents Deji Fasuan brand new SUV

Oyebanji presents Deji Fasuan brand new SUV

…. My Govt ‘ll continue to celebrate hardworking, patriotic citizens, he says

Ekiti State Governor, Mr Biodun Oyebanji has restated his pledge to continue to recognize and celebrate any citizen who displays unparalleled passion for the growth and development of the state.

Governor Oyebanji described loyalty, dedication, hardwork and sacrifice, as potent ingredients of nation building, stressing that whoever exhibits such traits towards making Ekiti great currently or in the past shall be honoured and rewarded.

The Governor stated these on Wednesday, while presenting a brand new Toyota Prado (SUV) to Chairman of the Committee for the Creation of Ekiti State, Chief Deji Fasuan, at his residence in Ado Ekiti.

The car gift is in furtherance of previous recognition given to Chief Fasuan by the immediate past administration of Dr Kayode Fayemi, which in 2021 named a newly built secondary school in his honour in addition to bestowing on him the state’s “Oni Uyi” honour.

Governor Oyebanji, represented by his Deputy, Chief (Mrs) Monisade Afuye, described Chief Fasuan as a leader who worked assiduously with other committed Ekiti leaders for the creation of the State in 1996, under the military junta headed by Gen Sanni Abacha.

Explaining the rationale for the honour, Oyebanji added that Fasuan’s astuteness as a seasoned administrator who rose to the pinnacle of his career as a Permanent Secretary, his strong academic prowess, and knack for scholarship as a writer, had attracted honour and respect to Ekiti.

“Today’s occasion was specifically conceived as a way of rewarding excellence, hardwork, honesty, dedication, sacrifice and loyalty, which Chief Deji Fasuan had demonstrated at different times to our dear state.

“We could all remember how Chief Fasuan and other Ekiti leaders worked tirelessly for the creation of Ekiti State, which came into reality on October 1, 1996. He served meritoriously as the Chairman for the Committee for the Creation of Ekiti State.

“Apart from this, he had done Ekiti proud as a retired civil servant , journalist, academic, writer and publisher. Baba, we salute your industry and sense of loyalty to Ekiti State. We are really proud of you.

“What we are doing today is a testimonial to the fact that the current government is committed to rewarding any excellence and sacrifice displayed by our citizens towards making Ekiti grow and develop”,

In his response, Chief Fasuan, who commended the gesture, appealed to every Ekiti citizen to continually back Governor Oyebanji in his quests to make Ekiti the cynosure of all eyes politically and economically.

Particularly, the elderstatesman commended Oyebanji’s commitment to the values of hardwork and loyalty to Ekiti, which he said the Governor had demonstrated during the scramble for the state’s creation, where Oyebanji, then a young University lecturer, served as secretary to the committee.

Galvanizing support for the current government, Chief Fasuan said: “We thank God that the economy of the state is gradually picking up. Nobody is an angel, let us cooperate with each other to make Ekiti great”.

Justifying the creation of Ekiti out of the Old Ondo State , Fasuan denounced the widespread view that it was a conspiracy against the sister state- Ondo, saying the battle was taken up upon realising that Ekiti had what it takes to stand and operate independently .

“Coming to my personal house to make this donation is very symbolic, because this is where the first meeting was held for the creation of our dear state. We had many daunting competitors in the Western Region then, but Ekiti had two things which others don’t have- total integrity and total commitment.

“That was why six of us were competing for one state in the Western Region, but Ekiti got it. integrity and total commitment, and not money landed us here. We thank God that we got it.

“Everybody knew the role played by Governor Biodun Oyebanji in that epic battle . He was the Secretary when I needed a Secretary most. No regret whatsoever for spearheading that battle. I wish that you young ones will be able to achieve greatness for this state with total integrity and commitment”, the nonegenarian said.

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