You’ve done well’ — Buhari commends Tinubu, says Nigeria complex

‘You’ve done well’ — Buhari commends Tinubu, says Nigeria complex

Former President Muhammadu Buhari has commended President Bola Tinubu, saying the president has done well despite the complexity of managing Nigeria.

Buhari made this commendation when he received the comptroller-general and members of the management team of the Nigeria Customs Service in Daura, Katsina State, on Sunday.

According to Buhari, governing Nigeria is a tough job for anyone, adding that there isn’t much anybody can do to help the country.

He noted that President Tinubu has performed well since getting into office, despite the economic hardship experienced by Nigerians across the country.

The former president asked Nigerians to endure the economic hardship in the country and support the policies and programmes of the current administration.

He said, “I thank you very much for coming. I very much appreciate it. I thought Tinubu has done very well.

“Nigeria is so complex. Really, there isn’t much anybody can do,” he added.

Recall that economic hardship has spiked in Nigeria since Buhari left office on May 29, 2023.

Meanwhile, on the inauguration day, Tinubu declared that his administration would no longer pay subsidy for fuel.

His decision made the price of the Premium Motor Spirit rise from N185 to over N600.

Tinubu’s government’s financial reforms also saw the naira embark on a continuous free fall against the dollar after the Central Bank of Nigeria floated the currency to move towards market-determined rates.

This action has led to the instability of the naira against the dollar in the market, making it sell for between N1,400 and N1,900.

Against this background, Nigerians led by organised labour have protested across the country in recent weeks to revolt against the worsening prevailing circumstances that have sent more Nigerians below the poverty level.

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