Parade Ground Fall: Tinubu describes incident as ‘a swagger’

Parade Ground Fall: Tinubu describes incident as ‘a swagger’

President Bola Tinubu has responded to the viral video of him slipping while boarding a presidential parade vehicle at Eagles Square in Abuja.

Speaking at the Democracy Day banquet on Wednesday night, Tinubu humorously described the incident as ‘swagger,’ saying social media is confused about it.

His words: “Early this morning, I had a swagger, and it’s on social media. They were confused about whether I was doing Buga or Babariga, but it is a day to celebrate democracy while doing ‘Idobale’ (a Yoruba word meaning prostration) for the day.

“I am a traditionally Yoruba boy, and I did my Idobale.”

Tinubu had approached the motorcade vehicle shortly after he arrived at the venue of the 2024 Democracy Day, but lost his footing momentarily as he was about to step into the vehicle.

However, the president, who was immediately assisted by his aides after the incident, resumed duties at the ceremony.

Footage of the incident has since gone viral on social media, with netizens expressing concern.

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